Morrissy Lab site launch site is now live!

A first draft of the morrissy lab site is now live. The site uses the static site generator jekyll and is based on the feeling responsive theme. The site uses jquery-backstretch (2.1.16) to control full width background images and uses the foundation (5.5.3) front end framework.

key changes

The site features a number of key differences in contrast to the feeling responsive theme however all of the old functionality remains in place. In brief these differences are:

  1. Uses an updated jquery-backstretch
  2. Blog functionality has been repurposed for a news feed
  3. custom templates have been designed for publications and team members.
  4. structure of the _data/socialmedia.yml file has been changed
  5. added and rebuilt icons from the entypo+ library.

adding publications

Publications can be added by altering the pages/ file. When doing so the following syntax should be followed where pmid is the pubmed id and doi is the digital object identifier:

 {% include publication authors="" journal="" doi="" pmid="" %}